Armenia . Tsakhadzor

Ski & Wine weeks in Armenia

Armenia has long been known for great skiing.  The Tsakhadzor Ski Resort, located 2,820m above sea level (with a vertical drop of 850m) in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains, was a Soviet Winter Olympics training site.  In recent years Tsakhadzor has been fully modernized with new lifts, new chalets, and a booming tourist infrastructure.

But what you might not know is that Armenia also boasts an exciting emerging wine and restaurant scene.  While it is still early days, several new Armenian wineries have started producing world-class wines.  At the same time there are a multitude of exciting new restaurants that are changing the face of Armenian cuisine.

With our unique 8-day/7-night Ski & Wine package, Old World Wine Tours brings together a fusion of the best of Armenian skiing, wines, and restaurants.  After a full-day of skiing each day, we’ll take our guests on a culinary adventure, exploring a different restaurant every evening and showcasing a different winery or distillery, as well.

It will be an unforgettable week of fresh alpine air, soft powder, amazing food, and delicious wines and spirits.

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Day 1 Arrival in Yerevan and Yerevan City Tour

Assuming arrival and transfer after lunch, we’ll take afternoon walking tour of the Yerevan’s new pedestrian-zone shopping district where we’ll visit the National Museum and the Yerevan Opera House on our way to the Matenadaran - one of the oldest and richest book depositories in the world. Its collection of about 17,000 manuscripts includes almost all the areas of ancient and medieval Armenian culture and sciences - history, medicine, philosophy, law, mathematics-cosmography, calendar theory, alchemy-chemistry, translations, literature, chronology, art history, miniature, music, and theatre.

We’ll have dinner at Yerevani Bandok, one of Yerevan’s premier restaurants, which features delicious Armenian village food. We’ll go easy on the alcohol this night as we’ve got an early departure to the ski slopes on Day 2.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 2 Skiing and Georgian Dinner with ArmAs Wines

After an early breakfast we’ll head to Tsakhadzor for a full day of skiing. After skiing, we’ll have dinner at the best local Georgian restaurant in Tsakhadzor accompanied with 6 different wines from ArmAs Winery – one of Armenia’s new rising stars.

Overnight in Tsakhadzor

Day 3 Skiing and Classic Armenian Dinner with Maran Wines

After a full day of skiing we’ll travel to Dilijan to experience there very best in classic Armenian cuisine at the Haykanoush Restaurant. The chefs at the Haykanoush Restaurant have sourced their menu from 450 year-old recipe books enabling modern gourmands to experience classic Armenian food without Persian or Turkish influences. We’ll also sample 7 different wines from Maran Winery, Armenia’s oldest winery.

Overnight in Tsakhadzor.

Day 4 Skiing and Ukrainian Dinner with Vodkas from Artsakh Vodka

After a full day of skiing we’ll have dinner at a delicious new Ukrainian restaurant in Tsakhadzor and sample a variety of aged fruit vodkas from Artsakh Vodka Factory.

Overnight in Tsakhadzor.

Day 5 Skiing and Fish Dinner at Lake Sevan with Tariri Wines

After a full day of skiing, we’ll drive to the most famous fish restaurant on Lake Sevan and try a variety of local delicacies including fresh grilled trout and crayfish kebabs. We’ll also sample delicious red and white wines from Tariri, a new premium wine label from Armenia Wines.

Overnight in Tsakhadzor.

Day 6 Skiing and World Cuisine with Karas Wines

After a full day of skiing we’ll have dinner at the Brasserie Restaurant in the Marriott/Tsakhadzor. Serving a modern euro-cuisine menu, we’ll also sample a variety of Karas wines from Armavir Vineyards, one of Armenia’s most prestigious new wineries.

Overnight in Tsakhadzor.

Day 7 Skiing and Armenian Fusion Cuisine with Trinity Wines

After a full day of skiing we’ll return to Yerevan where we’ll have dinner at Yerevan’s funkiest restaurant, The Club. Serving amazing Armenian fusion cuisine, The Club is one of the culinary highlights in Yerevan. We’ll also sample wines from Trinity Winery, which has been recently launched and offers delicious rose and Areni wines.

Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 8 Departure

After breakfast, we’ll transfer our guests to the airport for departure.