Wine Tours in Georgia

A wine tour in Georgia is an experience unlike any other – it a journey of discovery back to the very beginnings of wine.

When it comes to the origin of wine, the undisputed epicenter is the territory of what is modern-day Georgia.  With a proven 8,000-year history of wine making, the Georgians have largely stayed true to the way their ancestors made wines thousands of years ago.

From the hundreds of native varietals that Georgians still proudly use in their wine, to the means by which wine in Georgia is aged – in wax-lined clay urns, called qvevri, that are buried in the ground, Georgian wines are decidedly different.

Which is why a wine tour in Georgia are so much fun!  Where else can you explore the wine culture the way it was before the French, Italians, and Germans had ever even tasted wine?!

If you are looking for the real deal – wine at its most primitive and unadulterated, then a wine tour in Georgia with Old World Wine Tours is for you!