Wine Tours in Armenia

Are you looking for a wine adventure on the very bleeding edge of modern wine making?  Then a wine tour in Armenia is for you!

Armenia is a land, lost in time, which most people have never heard of, much less visited.  Yet it is a land of enormous legend and mystery.  It is a land from which wine found its origin and which today boasts over 500 unique and native varieties that are essentially unknown to the outside world.

Indeed, a wine tour in Armenia is a journey back to the very beginnings of wine.

For over 6,000 years wine has been a integral part of Armenian life, proven recently by the archaeological discovery of the world’s oldest winery in a cave near Areni.  But thanks to Soviet central planning, wineries in Armenia were shuttered in favor of cognac production and much of Armenia’s wine history was forgotten.

In the last 10 years a huge effort has been made to begin to regain Armenia’s wine heritage and the first fruits of that effort are just now starting to appear.  There are now a small, but growing, number of world-class winemakers in Armenia, including Zorah Wines, whose 2010 Areni was ranked in 2012 as one of the best new wines in the world by BusinessWeek.

So come!  Explore the very origins of wine in Armenia on one of our wine tours in Armenia.  In the process have an adventure you’ll never forget!